Jane Dixon Inc. is a surface design studio located in the Chicago area. 

Design collections are grouped by theme including main patterns and coordinates. Loose, bold and colorful, these designs are influenced by the natural world and culture.

Jane's designs can be found on home, contract, hospitality, and fashion textiles

and products internationally.

Jane Dixon. I'm a self-taught artist. I began drawing landscapes in pen and ink on cut, polished stone. Scribbly details in inky black line expressed my idea of trees, rocks, streams. Watercolor soon seduced me with it’s translucent fluidity and wicked sense of humor. Zao Wou-Ki, Wolf Kahn, Milton Avery, Mark Rothko, Chinese Ink Wash (Sumi-e) artists, and Japanese Wood Block (Ukiyo-e) artists were apt mentors. I showed semi-abstract, mixed-media paintings and rice paper collages through galleries and dealers for many years.


I entered the corporate world in the mid-nineties. Quickly learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I was hooked and amazed at the flexibility and spontaneous gratification the digital world offered an artist. I worked as an Art Buyer, Photo Stylist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Product Designer. In 2006, I opened my own studio, serving up sophisticatedly whimsical designs for home décor, fashion, textiles, and stationery.


My job descriptions have changed through the years, but my artistic sensibility has not. A forest floor, sandy seashells, or the buzz of a city? No matter. I seek to harness the essence of my subject and relate my personal vision through a simple, playful language of loosely organized shapes and line.

A hand-drawn world.


To view the collection, please contact Jane.

jane@janedixon.com           phone 512.497.1960



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